Tips for Combining Your Social Media and SEO Strategies

Social media and SEO, being the latest buzzwords in marketing, seem to offer unlimited success in raising brand awareness and reaching new customers online. Both strategies are foolproof, however, and both can actually diminish the online success of a brand if handled clumsily.SEO and social media are both difficult for the amateur to grasp, simply because the environment they exist in transforms and develops rapidly. Outdated SEO techniques, for example, will at best have no effect on your Read more [...]

Working in Your SEO Strategy: The Use of Non Follow Links

Two months ago my internet marketing experience became very depressing. I was struggling to index one of my money making sites. The more quality links I got to my site, the more I went very down in the Google rankings. It was the first time I experienced the punishment of Google. I am a website builder not a SEO expert. All my knowledge about SEO comes from eBooks' and tips from experts. Several of them always told me that "No Follow Links" didn't had any effect in the Google algorithm. I Read more [...]

SEO Tip: The Effects of Following Your Competitors’ SEO Strategies

Rankings are effects of the proper implementation of SEO strategies and of acquiring the more appropriate keyword phrases that drive the great volume of traffic to one's website. And if your competitors are getting the higher rankings then it can be said that they are doing these things more appropriately.If your competitors are getting these high rankings, will it be proper if you follow their SEO strategies? You may follow or survey the relevance of their keywords to their themes and acquire Read more [...]